Thursday, June 26, 2008

A morning song

In the morning...of everyday
before the sun...the first ray
comes your dreamy voice...through the phone
dew drops the dawn
a bird's song..
and I sing along..
to you..

When the evening comes..
no more drums
the sun a blue sea
do you hear me? do you see..
a bird...a song..
and I sing along...
I miss you!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


When the wind blow
in a summer night
a star in your eyes glow
a red balloon..a boy...a kite!

When the rain..
kissed your cheeck
a swirling dervish.. dancing insane
in my eyes...take a peek

Here I am...
I lost the words..and the poem...
a t'aim
and the light...went dim

How can I..
say it all...
mute and shy..
a soul to soul..

Say it all..with no fear...
will you hear?

Monday, June 16, 2008

With a flower...

A delicate flower you are..
and there is wind
a smile..a memory..and a scar
a moon asking..what happened?

clouds hiding a sun
a foggy day
would you stay..would you run?
where's the way...

here's a sign.. follow the heart
like a it too hard?

"maybe I alone",
said the eyes
a dew a dawn!
as she cries

we live...we die
we write the fate
we sin..we lie
what's the real..what's the shade?

I'll be little flower
don't you fear...I got the" feather"!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Following the feather...

When you look at the moon...
up the sky
and when you hear the bird
still there...singing, but shy
looking from far..
asking where we are..!

When the wind blow
and here comes the thunder
the rain..through the window
do you remember?
our hands together..
the fear..and the laughter..

And here I am
following a memory..a feather
running alone..
collecting the after the other
running everywhere..
Are you there?