Monday, July 04, 2011

Another 5th of July...

And here it comes...the day in July..
A pause in the way...a sigh
clouds of memories
in my sky
and everywhere...I see them running
faceless ghosts coming
Standing alone...among the millions in the roads
looking the dying year
the laughs...the talk...
a background noise...all I hear
the thoughts lost in the words..
the void
the wind blowing in a night
the freeze in and out
the awful cold
the kid inside me..looking old
the gray burning through the hair
another poem...a scribble to share!

Then I turn around...turn away
I look ahead..the coming way
the foggy day
I start to run..
I join the crowd
deaf and blind
and suddenly...I'm not alone
A number...passing other numbers
but who counts...who remembers?

the picture: Oakland, Pittsburgh, PA