Monday, May 20, 2013


A warm summer evening
quiet and dark
ash colored was the moon
and far away
birds left the sky above us
leaving pieces of the boring songs...
playing inside me
over and over
like drops of rain..
hitting my broken window
again and again.

Deserted was walnut street
except of me
and a couple of drunken men
who just left their misery behind
between the empty glasses
at the whore's door
vomited their old dreams
swallowed their loud voices
and when the demons around them started dancing
they swayed along
following the rhythm...of my song!
as I return to my chair at the corner
I think I saw your face
the look I missed the first time I met you
the shadow...behind the blue eyes
the real you....behind the lies
the free spirit behind bars
the rebellious girl.. in woman's flesh
the flawless mirror...showing me with no masks
showing me...bare!
and when I looked again
just as you came
you were away!

(Pictures: the new museum, New York city, NY. Taken by me and Giovanna)