Thursday, August 07, 2008

words..on your birthday

As you turn another page..
adding a number...a new age
Looking ahead..
forced to look back
what you did...and you said
pictures...white and black
who you were..and who you are
memories..near and far
and you're here..
a smile..a frown..a new scar!

Don't you tear
O' my dear!
look around
listen...the bird's sound
you and me..
"do ri..mi"!
and the moon
like a balloon...
and here's the kid...near you
following the sky's blue!

Will you come...with me?
tour the world..sail the sea?
enough..enough...being alone
you can't sing forever..a monotone!
On your song...
let me dance..and sing along
let me be..around you
let a dream..come true!
at the night..when stars shine..
let me be yours..and you're mine!

happy birthday, Christina..