Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What left behind...

Where are they?
Where are their noise in a break between 2 classes,
or before a Saturday exam?
Where are their dreams to fly away,
looking for a better future?
Where are the laughs....the tears...echoing in the small place?
Where are their small things, and big hopes,
and their disappointments?

(Infront of Diana Tamari Sabbagh bldg, AUB, summer 2005)


Ghassan said...

OH MY GOD!! that bench... still there!

Mirvat said...

brought back memories :)

Paul said...

memories, good and bad.

hashem said...

I hope it will always be there...btw, i remember you when u were in biology in mid 90's...

Mirvat, I wish good memories....sorry if I stirred something not supposed to, but this bench means alot to me, and it pains me to be away...

Paul, God knows what this bench knows about us, in our happiness, and sadness, ups and downs...Good to see it's not only me who get nostalgic by a bench...!