Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dedicated to Jan

She waited for him,
at the corner of "walnut" and "Ivy"
her muscles shaking...
her body aching...
her eyes moving in all directions,
hoping he would come.
Despite the cold night...she waited.
Despite the passing eyes of men's lust,
and women's jealousy....she waited.
The guilt. The shame.
The excitement. The joy.
The child in her.
"he's coming" she thought, and lit a cigarrette.
"I can't be imagining" she thought again.
His deep eyes, meeting hers halfway.
The observations,
the unspoken conversations,
the unexchanged touches,
the butterflies,
and the kiss.
Her tension is now rising.
She doesn't know his name,
where does he live,
or what does he do.
"who cares".
With the hours passing,
and her hope, like the city's lights, fading,
she remembered "Godot"....and the waiting!
she spent her life waiting.
For him.

(picure: the intersection of Walnut st and Ivy st.)


Mirvat said...

loved it! who's Jan :)and why doesn't she know his name?

hashem said...

Jan is actually a guy! a dutch friend here. We were running Sat morning, and he thought one of the girls passing us gave him a look. I came up with the first few lines on the spot, and continued it here!!
Just something I felt like doing....
happy u like it, Mirvat!

Mirvat said...

very creative :)

Florencia said...

...there is no "nostalgia" superior to the one you feel about something that never really happened.

laila said...

cool text hashem

Ghassan said...

(and you are quite the photographer hashem)

Fouad said...

beautiful text Hashem, really beautiful.

hashem said...

thanx guys.
As I told some of you, maybe it was more about me than jan or anybody else!

Eve said...

I love it as well :)

Anonymous said...

Bugger-all, I missed her?


p.s. Very nice Hashem

hashem said...

Thanx Eve.

Keep passing by the corner my friend, you never know!!

DA said...

Ahh..Dutch guys..heartbreakers.

Jan, better pay more attention if you want to get some of the action over there :-)

hashem said...

I can't count how many hearts were broke by our friend Jan...!
I'll pass your advice to him!!