Friday, April 07, 2006

A flashback...

"Do you remember?" she asked.
"Our morning walks on Manara... when there was no one but us and the blue sea?"
"vaguly..." I answered, remembering the smallest details, lost in the flashing pictures, shivering in the morning breeze, and breathing the smell of the sea.
And she stayed mute.


AM said...

STOP ... I am so becoming impatient looking at Lebanon's pics on this blog! ... I have the feeling I should thank you but this is driving me nuts ... I just want to take off ...

Clo, we HAVE GOT TO have a morning walk on the corniche! ... we drop mama at work and we go!!! Deal?

Coco said...

Al deal al, as if I'll let this one sweet experience slip away without having it! ARE YOU NUTS? It's been TEN YEARS eltellik lol
Yalla 14 days to go... I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't think anymore, thankfully I can still type... lol

Hashem, another great picture. Thank you. Bass mesh 7aram 3leyk el benet, you tell her you don't remember? Shame on you :)

Mirvat said...

i love your pictures hashem

Mirvat said...

but you make us so nostalgic it hurts :)

hashem said...

good to see you're doing well....tough girl! As for the pictures, you can't complain my friend as soon you'll be there...)

I did't mean to hurt her....she's the last person I can hurt....the word just came out of me, and it was for the best of both of us....

Glad you like them....I think a picture can be more informative and strong....and a little nostalgia doesn't hurt....shall I stop?

Coco said...

LAH please don't stop.
As I'm listening to:
"Allaylou ya Layla you3atibouni,
wa yaqoulou li sallem 3ala Layla.
Al 7obbou la ta7lou nasa2imouhou,
ella iza ghanna l hawa Layla"

Saba7o :)