Sunday, May 14, 2006

Black and white

Just when he thought the night folded the page of the day,
and he was heading away,
She came.
A black dress, a smile, and he's not the same.
And it was dark.
It was time to ask.
And they walked.
Confusion....and scattered words they talked.
He liked black and white.
A phone ringing, and time was tight.
He followed the flow.
He let it go.
She didn't act stupid.
There was no cupid.
There will be more time to come.
They went numb.
And they walked in opposite directions.

(picture: Walnut street)


Ghassan said...


Mirvat said...

what happened hashem?

Fouad said...

hashem... what's up with this beautiful poetry my friend? I am absolutely in awe. And it sure sounds like some of it sprung from a tainted heart.

hashem said...


What is happening is maybe a better question. Later my friend...when I figure it out myself.

Tlamizak khayyeh..
And hey, there's no smoke, with no fire...;)

Eve said...

beautiful.. the echo of a bitter heart.

Mar said...

looks like Cupid is sick of his current job, he's having a hard time putting bread on the table.His dissatisfaction is making people go in opposite directions. yes I'm blaming it on that lil naked guy with the arrow.

hashem said...

No bitterness my friend. Not yet.
He's vacationing somewhere I guess....

laila said...

hashem it seems that i'm late this time too :)

Coco said...

Time!! There is never enough if it when you need it the most...
And cell phones... I wish people leave them behind when cupid is around; let the little bugger do his job :)

BeeBee said...

The more I read "you", the more I am so drawn into your words...