Sunday, May 28, 2006

A poem dream...

It was cold,
but he was sweating.
He felt old,
and started running...
far away,
"what a day"!
He needs a space...alone
and it was almost dawn
when he saw the bridge
up the river
standing on the edge
starting to shiver
and there was rain
a whistle...a far train
an old music tone..
a song...and a moan..
"Standing in the rain.
You're on the verge of going crazy and your heart's in pain..."*
should he let it go?
should he withdraw?
"I can't take it anymore"
a lost ship...away from the shore
Closing his eyes...he sees her face
"I need a space"
and here comes the scream
the expectations...the dream..
the day he came
the disappointment...the shame
"No one can hear though you're screaming so loud
You feel all alone in a faceless crowd
Sitting on the side
waiting for a sign, hoping that my luck will change.
Reaching for a hand
that can understand,
someone who feels the same"*
A sudden move, and a sigh
he opens his eyes
"4:30 am"...a clock nearby
and he smiles
"what a dream"...he sits in bed
inspired by a poem...he just read!!

*"Weird"...a song by Hanson
(picture: a bridge in Pittsburgh, PA)
(a special thanx to Eve for the song/poem that inspired the dream, and the post!)


laila said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful.u v got good poems and nice work on this blog..glad it was only a dream.

Mar said...

Wow :)I really like the black & white pictures you post.

hashem said...

Thanx Laila, thanx Mar!
Hala-welcome to my blog....and it was a dream....just a dream...:)

Eve said...

I like that dream :)

Ghassan said...

I lived a similar reality almost...

Fouad said...

nice. I'll have to find the song now :)

islam yousef said...

He needs a space...alone
stading in the rain

i love find me alone

raed said...

wow! very nice...

Voice_of_Reason said...

Ya Allah, Hashem
Your poetry is so simply written
Yet absolutely wonderful....
You get to the point and it hits the target gloriously

It may have been a dream, but why did you have it?? You should get it interpreted. (that is if it was your dream?)

Voice_of_Reason said...

I just realised that this dream was inspired by a song.....woops
Still get it interpreted, just to see what it may have meant...

hashem said...

Eve-you know what inspired the dream..;)
Gus-I hope you feel better...cheers
Fouad-It's a nice song...I heard it for the first time afew days ago.
Islam-welcome to my blog :)
Raed-happy you liked it. Welcome to my blog as well!
Josette-mrci 3ala el sweet words. As for the dream, it was a poem...a song I read before it, and maybe an innate thing to creat a post;)