Thursday, June 08, 2006

صباحٌ جديد

وفي الصباح...
تختفي أفكار الليل والأوهام
الذكريات...وما قد راح
خرابيشي...وما تكسّر من أقلام
وكألةٍ...أرتدي ثيابي
وربطة العنق اللعينة
وأحملُ معطفاً أبيضا..وكتابي
وأمضي ...لأذوب في المدينة
رقماً...أسماً على بطاقة
زهرةً...دون باقة
ودون ماء
أو انتماء!
من أنا؟
وكيف انتهيت ُهنا؟
ترى... هل تعلمين؟


Eve said...

الصّباح موعد ارتداء الأقنعة التي نخلعها ليلاً، ربّما لهذا لا نعود نتعرّف أنفسنا

"زهرةً دون باقة"
حبّيت هالجملة، الوردة الوحيدة :)

Ghassan said...

so many masks we wear sometimes I wonder if they're not us..

hashem said...

Eve-will the world accept us with no masks? the ones we're aware of, and even worse, the ones we're not as you said.
Gus-I'm trying to see how many I can take out before I reach the skin....then I know what I look like!

Fouad said...

zahraton min doun bakaten ana
ya bakatan min yasamin

helou ya hashem.. kteer helou

hashem said...

thanx Fouad...:)

Coco said...

"kayfa entahayt houna?"
I know, you want me to tell you? ;)

Hashem, your poem hits home as I live these feelings every day, since 1987. Thankfully, it's not the same everywhere.

The world accepts what you present, don't be afraid to show your true face. People will get used to it after a while.

As always, a pleasure reasing you my friend.

Mar said...

It's a blessing that what goes through our heads at night falls into deep sleep and doesn't always wake up when we do.If that's not the case, I would have needed a mental institution as a second home a long time ago.

laila said...

hashem ya hashem shou hal 7aleweh hay..i loved the lst sentence

laila said...

last sentence

hashem said...

Laila- 3younek 7elween. Last sentence....mmmm...innaho bayto el kassid!;)

أسماء said...

من أنا؟
وكيف انتهيتُ هنا؟
سؤال أزلي..!!!