Monday, July 17, 2006

اليوم الخامس

"ومع كل اللي صار
راح يبقى إلنا الدار
ويرجع شجر الغار
يزهرّ كرامة...بأرضك يا جنوب.."
وبأرضك يا لبنان
رغم أنف العالم المتفرِّج
ورغم الركام والحرائق
وسيبقى الوطن


_z. said...

koullouna lel watan!

Mirvat said...

lel3ola lil3alam... tamtatam

Anonymous said...

I think about you everytime I turn on the news or see the front page of a newspaper. I hope your family and friends in Lebanon are safe and I pray that they remain safe.

Coco said...

Sanahou Rabbouhou Li Mada L Azman

hashem said...

Krista- thanx alot. They are fine. I'll talk to you later.

z, M, and Coco-أُسد غاب متى...ساورتنا المحن

Eve said...

tam ta tam :)

I miss our anthem.. min zamein ma ghannayneh..

Mirvat said...

sharkona kalbouhou..abadan loubnan
sanahou rabbouhou...limada lazman

Anonymous said...

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