Thursday, August 31, 2006

عيدٌ للمدوّن؟

يوم ضاع مني الصوت
في زحمة الأيام
وغطّى ضجيج الصمت
كلّ الكلام
ومضى قطار العمر
في غفلةٍ يمُرّ
في ما نسيت من محطات
خيباتٍ تلو خيبات!
وجوهٌ غريبة
يقينٌ ضاع في ريبة
أتت مدوّنتي
همساً لصرختي
منبراً لكلمتي
في حزني...وفرحتي
بئراً للأسرار
ما كان وما صار
وقصيدتي لها
فيها أخبيء اسمها
"بين السطور"
ظلامٌ يمحوه نور
ومرجعٌ للذكريات
تفتيشٌ عن الذات
أو بعض من كلمات
...ليست كالكلمات"

وينعاد عليكم ما سميّ عيداً للمدوّنين...
ينعاد عليكِ...


Mirvat said...

love it. just love it.
the hidden and not so hidden.
such a cute story so noble and so fragile. makes me happy and hopeful.

nado said...

wow, 3anjad ra2i3a.
w yen3ad 3elek enta kamen hachem. :)

Eve said...

allah ykhallilak hal blog w yetrabba b3ezzak inshallah, wt'dallak tektob bein el soutour w ma wara2a. yen3ad 3leik. loved the poem :)

hashem said...

thanx Mirvat.

w 3laiki Nado..:)

Eve-ma shalla 3am yekbar aweim hal blog! hehe
bein el soutour? she always hide there...what can I do? ;)

arch.memory said...

W 3leik, Hashem... 3layna jamee3an, hopefully in better circumstances next time.

That excerpt from Majida's "كلمات" took me back to the first time I heard that bit, in that promo they had on TV before she released the album, the one that started with "La shay2a ma3i...". It blew me away! Was it the end of "the First War"? And my aunt still had the old furniture in the living room, and I still spoke to her... So many things have changed since!

hashem said...

Inshallah ya Ashraf....inshallah.

As for Majida's "Kalemat", you're right....I guess it came out sometime in 1991 (not sure what you mean by the first war, though). I like the song alot, and in this specific part of it, Nizar, and the voice of Majida, make me always realize how strong his/her/our/their words can be!
My favourite part of the poem is
"لمساءٍ ورديّ الشرفات" ok....I wanna listen to it now! :)