Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pluto demoted... the space
shining eyes...a happy face
a jury decision...a serious tone:
"Pluto demoted"...he lost the throne.
And in the background...
a loud
from all of us
insignificant creatures...making a fuss!

بس دخلكم...قديش في "كواكب" ببلادنا خرج تتنزّل عن عروشها؟ ؛)

Picture: Pluto with its two moons, Hubble telescope


Anonymous said...

يا حسرتي ب "َبلوتو " فهل توافقين؟

laila said...

haram pluto, its all neptune's fault
now he's left out in the dark :(

Hamze said...

Many of them Hashem. Too many.

Mirvat said...

i felt bad for pluto

Coco said...

Baddo ykoun khaweja Pluto allo shi kelmeh ma sta7mala GWB w aw shi comment we2if w anti-semetic, fa tab3an hayda shi la yomken an yousama7 3alayh... w bi ma enno jame3it el semetizm henneh elli biyesma7o lal kawekib tdour 7awl el shams w lal njoum tdawweh w lal amar yesta3.... ra7it 3aleyk ya Pluto ya maskin
:( Yalla bassita, yeswek ma yeswena!

nado said...

coco, its a funny comment, made me laugh :)
eh sa7 ne7na wel amar w pluto jiran.. fa tayrin bel hawa sawa!
w 3asfour 3a shajra btetla3 el benet la 2emma...