Monday, October 23, 2006


وأين العيد
أسأل في غربتي
أيرحل من جديد
من دون أن يأتي
أما زال في البعيد
يبحث عن طفولتي
وعن لعبتنا
متى كبرنا...
متى ضاع طعم العيد؟
في مرارة الأيام
مرح الطفولةِ...والعيش الرغيد
حلاوة الأحلام
عيديّتي في الصباح
حلوى جدّتي
اللهو والصياح
جمعُ الإحبةِ
فأين عيدي
اليوم لم يأتِ
قد خان موعدي
وها أنا في وحدتي
فأين أنتِ؟

وكلّ عام وأنتم بخير...والأيام أحلى


nado said...

7asseh hal 3iid balash ydi3 mini ana kamen!
nice peom ya hashem, w kil 3id w enta b kheir.

Eve said...

yen3ad 3leik! halla2 ma32oul ma 3endkon hersh el eid bi pittsburg? lah lah :p

Maya@NYC said...

yen3ad 3alek Hisham. Hoping every year gets you closer to what your heart desires...

Coco said...

Kell 3id w enta bi alf kheyr. Nshalla Rabbna yestajib kell da3awetak.

Anonymous said...

First time visiting your blog,I guess I was looking to exchange Eid wishes.Although it doesn't feel like Eid without all the family gathered back home at mom's kitchen,enjoying being steamed by all the cooking.
Hopefully next Eid we'll be celebrating peace and stability in Lebanon too.
Eid Moubarak


jooj said...

yin3ad 3leik hashem :).
when is this sadness going to end?

hashem said...

Nado- w 3laiki...hopefully will all find our eids back.

Eve- fi 7eresh bannot, bass ma fi Eid! fi Eid.
Yen3ad alaiki be a7la eyyem :)

Maya- wel ayel...kifek?

Coco- thanx Coco...inshalla ur wishes come true as well :)

Heba- welcome to my blog, and happy Eid.

Jooj- inshalla byen3ad 3alik....sadness? what sadness? it's just that Eid doesn't feel the way it should...

Raid رائد said...

The main cause of disappointment is expectations. Though, life is worthless without them.

Happy 3eed for all of you.


Anonymous said...

I hear you Hashem... I can’t even remember when did el-eid become so plain and tasteless... I was barely able to spare 5mins to talk ma3 ahli...
Bi kel el-ahwal, yin3ad 3leik with all that you wish for... BTW, Can I borrow your “elbard gowwana” for today? After all, it was freezing cold- wasn’t it?
ghada :)

hashem said...

Raid- Life here doesn't meet the minimum least not for me. Fitr Mubarak...

Ghada- Yen3ad 3leiki...w inshallah next year in Lebanon. Elbard gowwana 3an still remember? My god, it's been like 4 years since I first felt it....and I still. Today it was barrana as's snowing now...stay warm!

laila said...

yen3ad 3leik ya 7elo

nice pic, reminds me of another :P

hillz said...

ayya 3eed? i have work..
I miss ma3mool :(

ps. ma3mool ibn 3am kalleij w 2atayef :P

Anonymous said...

la2 wlo it is snowing! I do not want to come back to snow :( fact I do not want to come back, it is great here.
Ten3ad 3alaikon kilkon guys, and waslo lal jamee3


Feras othman said...
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Feras othman said...

فأين عيدي
اليوم لم يأتِ
قد خان موعدي
وها أنا في وحدتي
فأين أنتِ؟

hashem i had this experience before when i was away-(ukraine)- from family,homecountry and a way from the whole traditions and celebrations of eid occasions. i know how these times look like,but what i wanna say and what motivated me to comment this times is to wish u a happy eied and may god next eied gather you with all of your family memebrs,friends and most of all with your lover .

achinar said...

Happy Eid Hashem and everyone, yn3ad 3laikon bilsa77a wel salemeh

hashem said...

Chole- a one in your blog! I realized that after I published it....I guess fall is the same all over :)

Hilal- Yen3ad aleik...inshalla ma3moul and beklawa soon.

Hala- It's not that bad yet....but soon :(
and guess what, you'll be bad...enjoy France as much as u can! Yen3ad aleiki from all Pittsburgh people :)

Feras- yeah...same feelings we have! Yen3ad aleik and thanx for stopping by!

Achinar- Eid Mubarak elak kamein

AM said...

Yiiiiiiiiiii ya Hashem, 3am tefta7 el jere7 now ... khalli msakkar for now and yen3ad 3alayk, sowwy 3al belated wishes.

doha said...

:):)nshalla terja3 deyman 3a lebnen, w t7is bel 3id

Hamze said...

No scribbles like yours. Very touching.