Friday, July 25, 2008

From the sea...

Here it is..the deep and vast..
waves dancing at the rocks...coming..going fast
One after the other...
and in the picture..
I see you..

On the sand...writing a note..
A fiherman...with no boat!
A sailor...far away the "bay"
night and day...
to send a letter..a poem he wrote..
to you!

A dream you were...
a secret wish..not to share!
A poem to write...
I won't dare!
and when you came...
I'm never the same
A poet...I became
and here my poem...
to you!

1 comment:

مسعود said...

السلام علیک
I dedicated this poem to a friend and she wrote me:
That is such a sweet poem! It is really a wonderful love poem. I will save it to use if and when I am crazy in love with someone again! One can but hope.