Saturday, April 29, 2006

My lost dreams...

"I lost my dreams!"
It came to my mind today while talking to friends about dreams.
I realized it's been a long time since I last dreamed. Or maybe, remembered my dreams.
The ghosts.
The vivid pictures.
The illogical that makes sense.
The "flying dreams"...
How and when did I lose them?
I felt scared...
Is it my self inflicted sleep deprivation?
Is it my indifference I have towards most of things around me?
The after the other?
The fallen pieces.
The waiting.
I need a break.
I need a long break.


laila said...

they'll come back, they always do.
how about last night?

Mirvat said...

yes hashem, they always come back and all the pieces find one another and fall back in the right place, you'll see..

hashem said...

Thanx...I feel better already!
Laila, not last night....I hope soon!:)

Mar said...

And you probably made most of these dreams come true, you just have to come up with new ones. A realized dream is no longer a dream.What do you think?

hashem said...

i kept thinking about what youn said all day. It's not only the big dreams I miss, but also the small ones that we see, and quickly forget.
thanx though!
last night, I dreamt and dreamt! I think they are back....weird...the blog worked!

Mar said...

I'm glad it does :)