Sunday, April 30, 2006


Tulips are my favourite flowers.
3 inner petals, and 3 outer sepals,
smiling open during the sunny day,
shy and closed during the evenings,
they definitely possess feelings....
and infront of them, I can't hide my feelings.

Tulip was always her favourite flower.
It was her first and favourite gift I gave her,
and I still remember.
It was a flourist in Jeanne D'arc.
The flower.
Yellow in color.
yellow and dark.
The birds singing in her eyes.
The rain drops...
a drop, after the other..
after the other.
The meetings.
The smile.
The goodbye.

(picture: Tulips everywhere in Pittsburgh)


laila said...

I love tulips too!
out Ottawa is famous for its spring tulip festival, it's beautiful!

laila said...
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hashem said...

Yeah...the festival there is famous. It's an old historic thing since Netherland gave Canada the tulip gift to thank it for helping liberating it.

Mirvat said...

i also love tulips

Fouad said...

Tulips.. beautiful picture hashem