Tuesday, April 11, 2006


"Good morning, sir!" says the tall waitress.
"Good morning...." I reply looking in my jacket making sure I brought my wallet.
"What can I get for you?" She says, looking straight at me.
"mmmm a bagel!". I say looking at all these varieties at the counter.
"what type?"
"oh.....mmmmm....what do you have.....?"
And she starts like a recorder "a plain, sesame, chocolate hazelnut, whole grain, all grains, asiago....etc".
Lost in all these names, I just stick to the first name I can pronounce: "a plain....please!"
"cut and toasted?"
"yes please" happy there isn't alot of choices here!
"a cream cheese?"
"yes, please."
"what type?"
And I go blank again.
"plain, hazelnut, honey, raspberry...." She says, almost intolerant.
"ahhhhh...plain please".
Bringing the bagel from the toasters, she asks, "for here or to go?"
"for here".
"yes, please"
"what size?"
"medium...." hoping they don't have the fancy starbucks names of grande, or tall...etc.
"a cup or a mug?"
"a cup please". The line behind me is getting bigger.
"This is your cup sir, and you can pick your flavour from over there".
And I look, to see 8 coffee reserviors, with all long flavour names.
And I get dizzy.
All I wanted was a bagel, and a coffee!
Good morning!


Ghassan said...

Hahaha. I totally understand.
I made the mistake and went to Subway once! now that was a lot of questions for just a CHEESE sandwich. what bread, how? why? when? what's your favorite ice cream? what are you doing after?... I stopped myself short from barking at the girl would you like my checking account and ss numbers? it's just a cheese sandwich. really.
on the other hand, in other chain monstrosities, you just tell them "number two please."
which is better? I wonder

hashem said...

What are you doing after? mmmm gus, I hope she was cute!

Mirvat said...

gus you're totally right :) as much as i love subway, i hate standing there so i always go with the minimum and i keep saying regular and plain

AM said...

Curious question: Is that the same waitress from the previous post? lol just kidding, shu osstak inta with the waitresses lol.

On another hand, I work in the hospitality field and just today we were locked up discussing the standards and the same point was brought up and we were all laughing imagining people's reactions and remember, we are all hoteliers.

- Would you like to have coffee or tea?
- If coffee, we ask what type (i'll spare you the selection)
- With milk or with cream?
- Milk please
- Full fat, low fat, skimmed or -read this berabbak- soya milk? (haha as we have to offer a vegetarian milk)
- You don't want me to go through the choices for cream haha.
- Do you really want to know what do we ask if he chooses to go for tea? haha I thought so too, but just bear in mind, we have decaffeinated tea ;)

- How about water?
- Yes please
- Still or sparkling?
- Still
- Local or imported?
I guess you got the idea haha.

Good luck for your consumers ;)

AM said...

Ya Allaaaaaaaaah, I don't know what's wrong with my typing today, I just made 3 comments on Coco's blog trying to correct my sentences and ended up making errors in my correction comments lol.

Point is: Good luck to you consumers :)
(ma fi R be you)

hashem said...

Ann Marie ya Ann Marie...It's not the same waitress.....and it just happened she was a waitress....90% of those who wait on customers at Panera where this happened are girls..!
But some of the waitresses are cute! )

Neatzie said...

Hehe...I always feel so rushed when the over the counter person asks that and its busy...but hey at least we get some choices, eh Hashem? :)