Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A thunder storm

It was a windy evening today,
and then, there was the sudden white glowing flash of light,
the loud thunder seconds after,
the sound of rain drops pouring from the sky,
and when I smelled that familiar earth smell
deep memories were stirred,
pictures....ghosts.....and mixed feelings.
And I felt like chocking....
Thunder storms have a place always in my heart.

(picture: Walnut street, courtesy Jan Beumer)


Mirvat said...

the fresh earth smell after the rain always takes me back

hashem said...

Oh...Mirvat, I just wrote this now...a minute ago...I'm so flattered!
As for the earth smell after the first's an amzing source of nostalgia.

Mirvat said...

a loyal reader :)

hashem said...

This is always an incentive to write more...thanx :)

rouba said...

hashem, and 'after the rain comes the good weather', like today for example!

Eve said...

شو نفع العاصفة إذا ما كسّرِت وصرّخِت وخبّطت عالشبابيك؟
وشو نفعها إذا ما حبست الشمس ورجعت حررتها من جديد؟
شو نفعها إذا ما عم تتدفا عحطب شي ذكرى؟
مش حلو تبرد لحالك، بدون فكرة، أو صورة، أو حدا :)

hashem said...

we don't choose when the storms we?
When memories come, it's not a picture I have....there are alot of pictures. fi hada..."I hear Fairouz fi tendahi..."