Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy birthday, dad...

O ya “Ali”
You were a child, in a small village.
You wanted to attend school.
But you couldn’t.
You had to help your father in the “jal”.
But you had big dreams,
beyond the jal,
and the village.
You taught yourself how to read and write,
not caring about age.
And now, you calculate quicker than anyone.

As teenager, you started to sing poetry,
“Zajal” we call it.
You’ve been known since as “Ali the poet”
You sang for the land,
for life,
and for love.

You left to Beirut,
A child, who quickly turned a man.
In a plastic factory in “Sinn Elfil” you worked.
You got married,
And with her,
you built a family,
and thought you’ll raise it in peace.

Soon, war devils started their game,
Bullets...shelling....killing by the name,
you were told you live in the wrong side of a long line.
A line called “green line”.
And in a black day,
you took your family.
and left to another country.
There, you built a home,
away from home.

Four boys, and two girls, are your children.
You gave them love with no limits,
a life...full of smiles,
and the school,you always wanted.

Days passed...and they are no longer kids.
3 doctors,
a pharmacist
a hospital administrator,
and a lawyer.
And I saw your smiles,
and the tear in your eyes,
in each graduation,
in a big green field.

And now, ya “Abu Hussein”…
you’re still there,
with your hair turning grey,
your kids...flying away,
with “Hatem” and “Yara” you play!

The day I left,
“Allah ywafa’ak”, you said.
Forgive me ya “Abu Hussein”…
For not being in your birthday today.
Your laugh warmed my heart.
Your words made my day.
And knowing you are there,
For me….keep me alive,

For those wondering who is “Ali"..."Abu Hussein"
When I was a kid, he was my “daddy”
When I grew older, he became my friend.
And he’s always, my teacher.
And my role model.
Happy birthday, dad!


hashem said...

From Mirvat: (was lost while editing the post)

wow, you made me cry hashem. alla ykhallelak bayyak we ekhewtak.

Posted by Mirvat to Scribbles at 5/07/2006 11:49:35 PM

hashem said...

wa ahlek kaman.
Thanx, Mirvat, thanx alot.
Sorry for the mess losing your comment!

Eve said...

Allah ykhallilak yeih ya Hashem. w hopefully someday you'll go back & celebrate his birthday with him in the beautiful "day3a".

Voice_of_Reason said...

God bless you Hashem.
I saw my own Father in your words and the struggles he endured through his life, struggles I have never seen. I do not know you but ulbee ma ulbec , I felt your emotion here in Australia.

Thankyou for sharing your words....

Fouad said...

ykhalli fo2 raskon hashem. He must be so very proud of his offspring.

Mar said...

May seems like the Bday months of a lot of Dads. Four boys, Two girls here too. The word 'Jal' means the world to me.Alla ykhaleelak yeh w tshoofo 3an areeb.

Ghassan said...

wlik this is so beautiful and heartfelt ya hashem!

laila said...

instead of getting ready for my trip i'm reading your post over and over!
happy birthday to him he's a true idol

Dry Gin Martini said...

Happy birthday Hashem's dad!

hashem said...

thank you, all.
Eve-inshallah soon...I can't wait to Sept when I finish my board and I visit.

Josette-welcome to my blog! thanx for the nice words. I got your blog link now!

Fouad-wel aayel!

Mar-jal, sha'afeh, 7akora, many words we have for land?

Gus and LC-thanx!

Laila-what trip? u just came back from Lebanon? sho Sindebad?

rouba said...

truly sounds like a great man. yen3ad 3leik ya hashem

Coco said...

Alla ykhallih bi so77to w fo2 rasskoun, ya Rabb!

and here you are on msn .. la7za la shouf who paged me LOL