Saturday, May 06, 2006

A pause

-"What's wrong with you?"
-"So, did you identify yourself with the woman in the picture? in what way?"
-"You really have a side we don't know about!"
Those are some extra comments I got after my last post, some from people who knew me for a while, and some I'm just knowing now.
This makes me think about this whole blog thing.
How much can people reflect the posts on us?
And would you care?
Are there people you don't want them to read it?


laila said...

well it does reflect on us..I post what I feel, or what I find beautiful or enraging..and sometimes you expose a side of yourself that you dont in real life, which is great too.
and as for who reads it, as long as you realize that ANYONE may be reading your posts, and you're careful not to expose what you dont want to expose or what is hurtful for others etc..then who cares what they think, well unless they think ur awesome ofcourse, for that I suddenly start caring :P
that's my 2 cents :)

hashem said...

you are awsome an jad ya Laila...!
The only thing to add is that we do make up stuff based on some small real thing....a whole new fictitious conversation maybe told, things never happened suddenly come in motion with some real stuff....
I imagine, I dream, and just write....with no fear of judgment.

Ghassan said...

it's like being a movie editor doing the montage for a film.. sometimes you want it raw and real, maybe shocking, sometimes edited for sensitive viewers, and sometimes.. well, censored!

Mirvat said...

it's a bliss that we can still write. so when i feel something i just say it. and so you should irrespective of the way people perceive it.. what do they know!!??

Mar said...

This blog is your " Scribbles" board.Whatever you write is a part of who you are or your imagination which can be surprising to even its owner, sometimes.
All of what's written belongs to you. If it doesn't mean anything to the reader, I'm sure it means a lot to you and that should be the main purpose of writing.

hashem said...

It's indeed like a movie, but in words in frozen pictures. I always montage before presenting the last version, espicially I present my real name here. Otherwise, people around me will worry much more about me!!!
I'm definitely less brave than you in this saying what you feel....but in this blog, I'm getting better!
and Mar, yes, they are just scribbles....right? ;)

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