Friday, October 13, 2006

ورق الخريف...إن حكى

أهكذا النهاية يا خريف؟
موتٌ...على الرصيف؟
شحوب اللون...والإصفرار
ضعفٌ وانكسار
ريح الشمال...
جليد الصمت
موت الجمال...
جمال الموت!
ولا شاعرٌ يبكي...ولا صوت
زهورٌ هوت...ولا ثمار
رمادٌ في السماء...بلا نار
حكم الأقدار
ويوم أهوي
عمراً يا خريفُ سأطوي
فمن سيذكرني؟
ورقةٌ صفراء تذروها الرياح
سلامٌ لكم مني
فهذا ليلٌ...بلا صباح!

Picture: Devonshire street, 11 October 2006, Pittsburgh, PA


Maya@NYC said...

the poem ra'e3!... ktir helo.

ويوم أهوي
عمراً يا خريفُ سأطوي
فمن سيذكرني؟
your wonderful writings will speak about you.. long after you and me and everyone are all gone..

(bas shou el essa...melancholy everywhere on the blogs!)

hillz said...

lok ya hashem,
shoo ossit hal khareef ma3na?

Coco said...

Ash bek w ka zalmeh? Mdapressa ktir heyk wlo Hashem :) El assideh ktir 7elweh bass nshalla ma tkoun 3am t3abbir 3an ikti2eb batini (metel ma bi seer fiyyeh masalan). Kelloun kam shaher w biyerja3 el khadar, wala yhemmak :)
Very nice assideh wel soura kamen.

surrealism said...

خفيفة على العقل ثقيلة على القلب

Mirvat said...

as long as you're a poet you'll cry..

_z. said...

By its beauty, and the death of its beauty, Autumn keeps you hopeful... because you know it is coming back next year. and the year after that.
7elwe el natra a7yenan. no?

hashem said...

Maya- I guess the fall...the feelings it creates about leaving, and falling....
thanx for your nice words...

Hilal- El khareef is my favourite time....but yeah...I should be talking about more happy stuff...right?

Coco- it's just poetry....I'm fine....though the heart always carries some sadness mingled with a few

Surrealism- salamet albak...:)

M- crying is a purification process long as we don't forget how to laugh...:)

_Z- agree...waiting is sweet knowing spring will come soon...and sun will always follow despite the grey clouds...

laila said...

very nice hashem, lovely colors in the pic and in your words

Delirious said...

Lovely picture and poem.
I have to disagree though about fall being "the death of beauty".
It's my favorite season, and on the contrary I see it as the "hibernation" of beauty before its rebirth in spring, as wonderful and spectacular as ever.
Is there anything more beautiful than the vibrant colors of the fallen leaves? :-)

Mirvat said...

sorry hashem, just got your message. i had a crazy weekend. i'll tell you about it later. maybe tomorow, i just want to sleep this day away.

tell manuela i still laugh every time i remember her saying, hal tadharine? this girl is so funny and spontaneous!

hashem said...

Laila- glad you liked it.

Delerious- Fall is my favourite as well. It's the end of this year's beauty...and for many, the end of their life in a certain place...and a new start....
fall always signified this transition....but agree...after it there will always be a optimistic :)

M- wosel el salem! will talk...:)

doha said...

u changed the mood
hmm, wonder why
i can see sorrow here

achinar said...

Hi Hachem, I don't know why I haven't been to your blog before. Beautiful poetry, beautiful imagery. I liked this poem pretty much and the AUB one made me cry. Very touching...

BeeBee said...

:'( I can't believe how emotional I became when I read this post.. Keep up the great job

hashem said...

Doha- Autum gray know ! :)

Achinar-welcome to my blog. It's amazing how collective memory joins alot of people in one feeling...

BeeBee- Good to see you back! How's Jordan? :0