Thursday, October 19, 2006

شيءٌ من حلم*

أغرق في الأحلام قليلاً...دعني
في صمت الليل أغني
وأرى طفلاً يشبهني
يلهو مرحاً
يرقص فرحاً
ويلوّن أيام العمرِ
يضحك حينا...وحيناً يبكي
عن غولٍ...عن بطلٍ يحكي
ويطير مع السحابِ ويعلو
طيراً يحلو
عصفوراً يزقزق في فرحِ
ألوانه من قوس القزحِ
كصحوةِ عينٍ من غمضِ
ويضيع الحلم مع الصبحِ
غموضاً يبقى...بلا شرحِ
وهل للأحلامِ من معنى؟

*مستوحى من فيلم The Science of Sleep


Mirvat said...

what's the movie about?

gitanes legeres said...

charlotte gainsbourg la fille de serge is in it. coincidence!!!! mon dieu hashem, c'est trop fort..

hashem said...

Mirvat- The movie is about our dreams, and how they affect our daily life, and vice versa. A very nice movie with alot of innovative perspectives....alot of well written phrases, and great great performances espicially by Gainsbourg.
A word of caution, however. It's very very if you don't likr surrealism, you won't enjoy it :)

GL- Yeah....Charlotte is the daughter of Jason Gainsbourg (her mom is also an actress Jane Birkin). This is the first movie I see for her, and she's just amazing. So powerful indeed!

Eve said...

i'd be interested in an analysis of my dreams. they give me the headache each morning. khabeesa. yalla, hope we get the film here soon

Maya@NYC said...

helo your dream.... so much innocence... so much happiness...
and the poem is equally very sweet..
at least someone is happy!:)

Mirvat said...

i'll get the movie. i love surrealism! my middle name is surrealism ... or was it crisis?!
i also want to recommend this trilogy i was watching, the three color trilogy, blue/white/red by Kieslowski. it's absolutely brilliant!

_z. said...

Every morning, I spend the last 15 minutes in bed, remembering and archiving my dreams of the night before.

usually they come true.

this post should be helpful for insomniacs.

hashem said...

Eve- are they as mysterious? :P
yeah...I recommend it!

Maya- happy you liked day up, the other down...right ;)

Mirvat-Definitely not crisis...maybe majnouneh...fananeh...drama...;)
I'll check the movies you recommended.

Z- Your dreams come true? I don't know if I should envy, or feel sorry, for you!

_z. said...

no hashem... you should feel sorry.

Mirvat said...

drama? how do you know me so well?

hashem said...

Mirvat-walaw! hehe