Friday, October 20, 2006

Waiting for Godot*

-*Let's go.
-We can't.
-Why not?
-We're waiting for Godot.
-(despairingly). Ah! (Pause.) You're sure it was here?
-That we were to wait!
-He didn't say for sure he'd come.
-And if he doesn't come?
-We'll come back tomorrow.
-And then the day after tomorrow.
-And so on.
-The point is—
-Until he comes.
-You're merciless.

Waiting....All my life I've been waiting,
and I'm still waiting!
No giving hating.
Godot never fading...
yet, never around.
We're bound.
No light. No hint. No sound!
A deadly vicious cycle we live.
Blind and deaf.
A gambling game.
We all the same.
Are you?
Since I was born, and my story with waiting is never ending. A step after another, I wait for the next.
A sailor amid a sea, with no shore to see.
Temporary stops, one after the other. From a date, to another.
Will I ever settle? Passing a station after the other, with no signs of taking off..
And ahead goes the shuttle.
A long long tunnel.
Will there be light?
And time is tight.
Looking for Godot.
Waiting for Godot.
Waiting for the waiting.
All my life....waiting.

*Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckette, was played last night by the Gate Theatre of Ireland at Byham theatre, Pittsburgh, PA.


doha said...

And i keep talking about it.
Godot,for me,is a strong light that gives me energy and power to go on.
Thank you for expressing myself.

Anonymous said...

waiting for Godot has been my logo for years. wlak wainak yo godot:)

wish i knew it was playing here

Fouad said...

probably one of the most insightful and clever plays ever written.

Fouad said...

probably one of the most insightful and clever plays ever written.

Maya@NYC said...

Hashem, i think we missed Godot.. we have been moving so fast, A sailor amid a sea, with no shore to see.
Temporary stops, one after the other.
that, even if Godot came, we would have missed him.
I (paradoxically) reassure myself that way: nothing to wait for. Godot is gone. you're on your own.

hillz said...

every body waits his Godot. we convince ourselves that someday he will come..

laila said...

probably one of the most insightful and clever plays ever written.

in case you missed it :)

hashem said...

Doha- It's good to see he's/she's/it's a source of hope to it can be a source of despair to alot....see below!

Hala- hope Godot will come and you reach what you want.... clever.

Maya- Who said there is only one Godot? One passed...there are alot others who can find shu el pessimism?

Hilal- yeah...the ever-lasting wait...

Chole- hehe...tell him I'm not that slow! :)

Mirvat said...

probably one of the most insightful and clever plays ever written.

being agreable :)

hashem, great post! i love your poetry, it's so inspired! we're all waiting my friend.

achinar said...

Samuel Beckette one of my favorites, good choice Hachem. You're right there will always be a Godot, so keep on waiting people!!

gitanes legeres said...

running in circles. no exit. a trap..

Coco said...

Nattarouna kteer kteer... 3a maw2af Darina...
Ktir 7elo :)
Ye7re2 deeb el waiting yo!

Mirvat said...

can you link this or point to it in a short post?
we want as many people to see it as possible.
thanks and hope all is well :)

hashem said...

Mirvat- thanx for ur kind words, and sure i'll post about the website :)

Achinar-do we have other choices but waiting? We're destined!

GL- elli khele2 3ele2's amazing how people still think thay do what they want...

Coco- I hear you...waiting sucks...

Raid رائد said...

Thanks for the inspiring thoughts.


hashem said...

thanx alot....and welcome to the blogspere....hope to meet you in person soon since I keep hearing great stuff about you.
take care :)

Khawwta said...

"Existence, to us, seems to be something imposed upon us by our families or maybe by an unknown" but.. I believe that we are born free and nobody can take our freedom.. Our life is the result of the choices that we make. This is why at the end of our life's journey, every one of us will be responsible of his decisions..

"Waiting for GODOT" is a beautiful piece of art, but it does not reflect the true meaning of human life .. if everything is written and happens by chance.. What is the meaning of life then? Why do we waste our times in living.. If our decisions are already taken, why do we spend time thinking whether it is good or bad? Human life is not and will never be determined by chance.

hashem said...

Khawwta- thanx for the long informative comment....but if you read "waiting for Godot", you'll realize that it has nothing to do with what you talked about!
Welcome to my blog, though!

Khawwta said...

Unfortunately I did read it.. Maybe I misunderstood what you wrote:
"A deadly vicious cycle we live.
Blind and deaf
A gambling game"
"Step after another, I wait for the next"

And usually I don't comment on something that I didn't read

Maybe you didn't understand my comment.. you were waiting for "your Godot"!

P.S: By the way Hashem don't look further, the light is inside of each one of us.

manda said...

:) I just read this play recently, unfortunatly i never saw it. :(
I'm just researching absurdist theatre for class. :)