Thursday, October 26, 2006

Infront of a Microscope!

A new morning...and here I am.
Half asleep, in a pathology room...damn!
Infront of a microscope,
getting hope!
Patients turn into a slide,
An eye looking....from side to side.
Light shining,
we need staining., or blue?
and I have no clue!
A blood smear I see,
Red cells...No...RBC!
A big, round cell,
It rings a bell.
A "blast" I shout,
I had no doubt!
A "reactive lymphocyte"*...
the pathologist says, starting a fight.
I think it's malignant!
He believes it's not significant.
The marrow is benign...
I was wrong. Ok...fine!
A name after a name..
I forgot my pathology course...what a shame!
I got the next one right...
I found it...a promyelocyte*!
Looking through the lenses, I feel dizzy.
May i leave?...please, I'm busy!
And I leave....running away.
I'll be treating patients...based on what you say! offence.
I hate the slides...the lab...and the lens!

-With all respect, and admiration to pathology; science, practice, and doctors! :)

*Names of blood cells.
** Picture: A bone marrow biopsy of a 62 y.o. patient with leukemia we diagnosed today.


BeeBee said...

Never heard of medicine, science and pathology being talked about in this way... Absolutely impressive.. I'm in awe... I mean all I know of these things is what I took in biology class and what I see on TV while watching ER, CIS, Crossing Jordan, and many others, when I do have the time to watch TV or at least the well.. Good job... Looking forward to ur visit to my blog... Take care

Maya@NYC said...

lovely... ktir mahdoum!

Anonymous said...

lah lah ya hashem, some pathologists here are getting offended.
No seriously, kteer mahdoum. I love it.

Mirvat said...

ok .. now you see what we go through! wouldn't you increase your moonlighting rate if you had to be doing this all night? try 10 hours straight :)
microscopes could be fun but i see how stressful it might be for a pathologist as opposed to a basic scientist. we see progress and nice colors, you see patients so i'm with you on that one!

laila said...

man you have no idea how many of us you offended today :)

hashem said...

beebee- we try to see a joke in medicine serious work! get to see u back.

Maya- :)

Shams- first, welcome to commenting after months of reading! No offense..bass ur job sucks!

M- I appreciate ur work...I seriously do! :)

Laila- I didn't know youy're a pathologist ;)

jooj said...

:) Deyman byitla3 ma3ak she3ir!

p.s. beautiful colours for a man who has leukemia!

laila said...

hashem, of course i was joking! you just wanted an excuse to talk to me didnt you :)

Feras othman said...


i think u need a rest my friend

to relax a little :P although your job seems interesting and dealing with patiens makes u similar to an angel that may cure these people so be optimistic also lukemia cells ,color seems an abstract photo u see ,every thing has its own art and glow :)
be safe my friend c u

gitanes legeres said...

very nice!! i come back from work at 10pm to find more work haunting if the pagers weren't good enough..and i hate leukemia...
soleil i miss u...

achinar said...

How sweet!

hillz said...

I hate it when I read phrases I don't understand ;)
YOU "SCIENTISTS", 3a awlit ghassan.

No, really. good job, hashem. I like it.

Coco said...

I was waiting for a comment like Hilal's ta ma tetla3 menneh ana :) Bass really I don't know how you guys - the scientists ya3ne - do it, day after day, dealing with critical matters like HUMAN LIFE. Allah ykoun ma3koun 3an jadd!

Nice post ya Hashem!

btw, I picked up the phone then looked at the time (11:13pm), 3eyb talfin bi hal wa2et, so I read your blog again instead lol
I miss you akid.

doha said...

ok Hashem,it sounds chinese a little bit,but damn,i like it!

Mar said...

-Allo hi how was ur day?
- What did you do?
*Shara7et we7de 3mra 32
next day...
-Hi kifak how was ur day
* Good shar7na wa7ad lyom met bil ghalat...
- mmm, very romantic, what a turn on ya 3amme!

Lesson learned: Never date a pathologist ever again !

hashem said...

Jooj- poetry always finds its way :0
see the amazing colors! have to admit they are done by the pathologists!

Laila- ofcourse :)

Feras- thanx for your sweet words! art is in everything around us...!

GL-sorry for extending your agony :P

achinar- thanx alot!

Hilal- apologize if it was tough....! thanx for appreciating anyway!

Coco- so sweet of you. Will talk...

Doha- it's not that tough...some medical jargon...not important! happy you liked it! :)

Mar- no comment....i pissed them enough :P

tazart said...

من روعة النص نسيت ما قد يصلح لأعلق به ، لدا اعدرني إن خرص لساني فقد ألجمني نصك

FaiLaSooF said...

you can't be more right hashem, nothing confuses me more than pathology and microscopes.

I'm doing fine when it comes to pathphysiology and pharmacology, and once microscopes starts appearing, I just want to dissappear!

"the Dude" said...

Great poetry!